Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours was started in 1991 and has achieved worldwide renown over the years, being featured on many world travel television programs as well as international travelogue publications.
Our current Board of Directors, always striving to provide visitors to Jamaica with memorable vacations, expanded our operations in 1998. Now in the Twenty Third year of operation, our combined staff of 50 includes a our skilled team of expert guides, friendly hostesses and service personnel.

Our custom-designed facilities are designed to be harmonious with the unspoilt mountain environment, in keeping with our Eco-awareness.

Water is sourced from local mineral springs. With a ratio of one guide per eight riders, each guest is assured quality service, safety and personal attention at all times.
We represent the best of sustainable community based tourism, seeking to bring people back to themselves through Nature!!!


Commune with tropical nature, high above the world and see a side of Jamaica that very few even knew existed. Cycle down the majestic Blue Mountains, the highest mountain range in the English-speaking Caribbean. Home to the world-famous coffee, this soaring landscape offers panoramic views of mist covered peaks and pristine, emerald valleys. Learn about the indigenous herbs and plants that seem to grow everywhere you look; see coffee plantations, with their bean-clad plants clinging to the mountainsides. Take a cool dip under a crystal clear waterfall, and bask in the clear mountain air as you feast on a delicious Jamaican brunch.

  • Offers each client over US Two Million Dollars in coverage
  • Over 17 years experience and knowledge of our roads combined with modern fleet.
  • Learn about different places in Jamaica and our culture on bus tour
  • Airport transfers from out international ports
  • Delicious Jamaican meals included on tours
  • Free Wifi access all the way
  • 3rd party tours to include shopping from Runaway bay and Ocho Rios



From incredible mountain views to cultural insights to biking joy to Jamaican food — this tour has it all!

Could this be Jamaica’s best-kept secret? We’re the ONLY tour that gets you into the famous Blue Mountains — the cool, misty home of some of the most prized and expensive coffee in the world! Jamaica isn’t all beaches and coconut trees. Here, folks you bike past may be wearing sweaters. This is a side of Jamaica your friends haven’t seen — where the tallest peak is 1,500 feet higher than the biggest ski resort in France. Where wild hogs and the guinea pig-like coney roam in “elfin forest”, below pine trees shrouded in mist..

Descend a gentle 4,000 feet down next to tangerine and soursop trees, with almost no peddling — ending up at a jungle waterfall and swimming hole. Sample Jamaica’s coffee and touch the beans growing in the field. Have a hearty Jamaican lunch. And ride the highest (1,000 feet), longest zipline in Jamaica. Let’s go!


The birth of Agent 007; to daily life in one of the world’s most unique countries. We show it all to you.

The trip here is half the fun! Your guide describes Jamaican life as we drive next to the shimmering Caribbean sea, to the start of our bike ride. Grab juice and fruit from the cooler, and connect to our wi-fi. We’ll pass where every James Bond book was written, at the famous house Goldeneye — named after a World War II plan to carry out sabotage in Spain. We’ll pass the site of a fierce 1658 battle between the Spanish and British — cementing British rule here until 1962.

As we climb into the mountains, we’ll drive through an old Maroon settlement — still home of descendants of the escaped slaves who fought a successful guerilla war against the red-coated British. And just past that, the house of a quietly famous practitioner of obeah, Jamaica’s voodoo — look for the expensive cars of his clients parked outside. : )


For 300 years, the sun never set on the British Empire in Jamaica.

Some of the most vivid reminders of the British heritage of Jamaica are near us. At the former army camp of Newcastle, nearly 170 years old, badges from regiments stationed in Jamaica adorn the wall of the parade ground: from the 1st Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers to the 1st Battalion Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. The camp was created by Britain’s longest-serving soldier, who became an ensign age 10 and ended service as the Constable of the Tower of London more than 80 years later. The nearby hamlet of Red Light was where 19th-century soldiers would go for, um, extracurricular entertainment. And the roads that hug the mountains and wind up from the plains of Kingston, and back down on the other side to the deep blue sea of the North Coast, are feats of British engineering from days long before bulldozers.


Coffee farmer to soldiers, warm and the salt of the earth; that’s our neighborhood.

Cascade is a community of small, independent farmers of the ultra-expensive Blue Mountain coffee, and many of the residents here work growing and harvesting the gleaming red bean on steep, hillside farms. As it’s been done for decades, only women reap the beans, and only men dig and plant, and carry the harvest. It’s all by foot up rough mountain trails; no roads here. During the school year, you’ll be able to meet kids at our quick stop at the Cascade Primary School. Our area is also interestingly a big source of recruits for the nation’s army and police force — and the army’s most famous camp, 170 years old, is half an hour above us in the gorgeous, misty, hillside encampment of Newcastle. For graduation ceremonies from basic training, chartered buses leave our district to take proud family members to see their kids take the oath.


Giant butterflies, lush foliage, long-tailed hummingbirds — and you.

We’re located in a national park. You’ll pass coffee bushes, 33 species of fern found nowhere else, plants used for centuries as natural remedies, endemic orchids, and clouds of feathery bamboo trees. Look out for the largest butterfly in the Hemisphere, the Giant Swallowtail. Glide past the national tree the Blue Mahoe, protected by law from being cut. See how many of Jamaica’s 28 bird species you can spot — especially the famous iridescent green Doctor Bird hummingbird, with its streamertails three times the length of its body. You may be able to sample wild raspberries, and you’ll see fruit trees from star-apple to mangos to Otahiti apples to pineapples to some of the country’s 32 types of bananas. Across a valley from where French Moravians founded a church two hundred ago, you’ll pass a waterfall flowing with crisp, clean water you could drink right from the rocks.


The atmosphere that birthed the music, the attitude, the style, and the speed.

It’s said that Jamaica has more bars per square mile than any place on earth. We’ll glide by several tiny, cute examples of the modest, classic countryside drinking hole and social centre that’s a vibrant feature of Jamaican life — often pulsing at nighttime with reggae from speakers positioned outside. They’re small and simple, but make no mistake — these bars are the essence of the Jamaican spirit. Ditto the small general shops like the First and Last Variety Shop, that sell everything from bicycle repair equipment to sugar to fertilizer.


Biking, zip-lining, diving into a mountain pool by a waterfall – check!

Start at 5,000 feet, and head down, stopping as your guide points out a dormant volcano, or a river pool where baptisms take place. We’ll stop in at a typical Jamaican school. We’ll break at the 200-year-old coffee trading we’ve turned into our HQ, where we’ll have lunch, check out historical artifacts of the coffee trade, and browse our gift shop. You can now choose to whoosh across a deep valley on Jamaica’s longest and highest zipline, picking up your bike on the other end to join the rest of us as we next pause at a small, typical coffee farm. We’ll end up 2,200 feet and 30 minutes later at a hidden jungle waterfall and swimming hole, where we’ll take a dip, have a drink, take in the scene from wooden paths and terraces, and breathe in the oxygen being pumped out by a canopy of towering trees.


From beignets to breadfruit, a spread to satisfy all tastes!

That means ‘eat’! We’ll start off with fruit and refreshments on the van. Then, at our wood-decked, open-sided HQ, a 200-year-old coffee trading post, we’ll begin with a breakfast of bottomless Jamaican coffee, scrambled eggs, decadent cinnamon-coated beignets, steamed vegetables, and of course fruit — overlooking a lush valley’s bamboo groves. After our first cycling leg, chef Jessie whips up classic Jamaican countryside cuisine — think rice and peas, plantain, stew peas, and fricassee chicken. Try an iced coffee from Dougie’s farm at our counter, and shop for classic Jamaican snacks from our gift shop, from gizzada to Bustamante Backbone to plantain tarts, to paradise plums to tamarind balls, to coconut-ginger drops.


Local treats your friends back home will never have heard of!

Our gift shop features craft from artisans who live right in the area, such as TKs and TKs. Shop for Jamaican candies and classic gifts, genuine Blue Mountain coffee, and Blue Mountain Cycle Tours tees, caps, and totes.


There’s something here for everyone — even if you don’t cycle!

  • Our classic no-pedal downhill cycle, from 5,000 to 200 feet, with stops for lunch, a school visit, a coffee farm stop, and a waterfall swim.
  • The same — but add Jamaica’s highest, longest zipline
  • A relaxed van ride down the cycling route, with features and sights and insights pointed out by your driver, with lunch, a school visit, coffee farm stop, and ending with refreshments on wooden decks alongside a waterfall and tranquil swimming holes.
  • Our latest addition: hikes on rugged, forested trails: for ½ hour, 1 hour, or 2 hours. Lunch at our wood-deck HQ included.
  • Combo ride-and-hike: Cycle down to our HQ for lunch, then hike on mountain trails from ½ hour to 2 hours.


Take your tribe on the best day trip of their life! Write us at ​​ or call +876.974.7075/7492-3, to arrange a special, customized group excursion for your company, friends, or family — from a private cycling tour and waterfall visit and zipline, to our new hikes along thick-forested trails, to birdwatching walks. We’ll pick you up where you are, feed you, thrill you, and then take you back again — no planning or driving required.


Bonding with our Cascade community for thirty years!

Blue Mountain Bike Tours was founded in 1991, and our guide Robert, who may lead your tour, is one of two team members who joined us that very first day. We pride ourselves in how long our staff has been with us — such as Althea, Jessica and Richard, all here 26 years now. We’re equally proud of how being
here has enabled us to serve our community in the cool hills above Buff Bay, part of the Blue Mountain National Park system. We assist local schools from our district all the way down to the coast, sponsor lifeguard training for our waterfall guides, give scholarships annually, and our employees are residents of the communities we cycle through. Our Mr. McLeod goes to two to five school graduations yearly. We pitch in helping to clear roads after weather events, and to build houses partnering with the local government, and reap even more rewards in return, from being in this wonderful, classical rural community — where if you provide the food and the white rum, your neighbors will all pitch in to build your house. BMCT is owned and operated by a hands-on husband-and-wife team, Orlando and Althea.